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 Becoming an SOS Foster Parent
Foster parents are the cornerstone of the SOS Village model. They provide hope and security to children whose families are in crisis and children who deserve a lasting, nurturing relationship with a responsible adult. By creating a stable home life, SOS foster parents help children gain confidence about their world and renew their dreams for the future.

"We try to put broken lives back together again. We work to create healing, loving, caring homes and hope for these children. It's not easy and it takes commitment."
                                -Minnie Reed, SOS foster parent

SOS foster parents understand the time and energy it takes to work with children who have suffered abuse and neglect. These devoted individuals and married couples are:
  • Experienced with children, either as parents or by working with children in another environment
  • Able to discipline fairly and willing to learn behavior-management skills
  • Skilled in managing a household and a budget
  • Willing to learn computer skills

Most importantly, SOS foster parents are ready to make a full-time commitment to provide a loving, stable, clean, safe, secure, and nurturing home for the children in their care. Licensed through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, SOS foster parents receive:
  • Training before and after children are placed with them
  • An annual salary
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Contributions to a pension plan
  • Housing, including utilities
  • Use of an SOS vehicle
  • A household budget for food and other expenses for the children in their home

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