Our People

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

This ancient proverb aptly describes the role SOS Children’s Villages Illinois plays in the lives of the children who live here. From the SOS Foster Parents, our Board of Directors, and administrative team to the mentors, tutors, therapists, and many volunteers, it takes the support and tireless efforts of a large and diverse group of people to raise our children.


Tim McCormick, M.Div., MBA, MHRM
Chief Executive Officer

“At SOS Illinois we create a place in a child’s heart to feel respected, loved, and cared for. We offer new and exciting opportunities for fun and learning. Building on that foundation we renew in SOS children their capacity to dream.

Board of Directors (click to view pdf)

SOS Foster Parents

SOS Foster Parents are the cornerstone of the Children’s Villages Illinois model of care. They provide hope and security to children whose families are in crisis and who are in need of a loving, nurturing relationship by creating a stable home life. With their support the children gain a sense of security and the confidence to dream about the future.

On-Site Staff

Each SOS Children’s Village has on-site staff available to provide complete wrap-around services to the children and support the SOS Foster Parents. On-site staff includes:

  • Child Welfare Specialists
  • Child Welfare Supervisor
  • Individual and Group Therapists
  • Village Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • Child and Family Services Coordinator
  • Foster Parent Enrichment Coordinator
  • Family Advocate
  • Administrative support
  • Village Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Quality Director

Additional Support and Volunteers

In addition to the on-site staff, each Village offers enrichment programs and additional support to the children and SOS Foster Parents, including:

  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Art class
  • Gardeners
  • Special event and program volunteers