SOS Illinois Takes a Look at the HBO Documentary "FOSTER"

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois continues the very important conversation about children in foster care this May with its #Voices4FosterCare campaign by sharing the news that the HBO Documentary FOSTER debuts Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00 p.m. (CST). By helping others begin to understand the complexities of the foster care system in the United States, we raise … Read More »

Children at SOS Illinois Celebrate Earth Day Year-Round

Today is Earth Day! Since 1970, people worldwide have gathered to demonstrate their support for environmental protection, and at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, our love and support for the Earth lasts far beyond Earth Day. Our Health and Wellness program helps teach the children in our care how to tend to and care for the … Read More »

SOS Illinois Participates in Child Abuse Prevention Month 2019

Each April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month emphasizes the importance of individuals, families, and communities working together to recognize, prevent, and educate others on child abuse in the United States. Near the end of March, the White House and many state’s governing departments issue proclamations to raise awareness and encourage communities to take steps to … Read More »

Casa Tepeyac Brings Supportive Parenting Classes to the Back of the Yards Community

In Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood lives SOS Illinois’ Casa Tepeyac, an intervention facility at in-home family services provider, works with families in ways that build on their strengths, tackle tough problems, and stabilize aid to youth navigating difficult situations. The staff at Casa Tepeyac have put together an incredible and impactful series of … Read More »

SOS Illinois Board Member Brings the Art of Floral Design to Foster Parents and Youth in Care

This St. Patrick’s Day, our Chicago Village was made a little bit greener — and more fragrant, too! Longtime SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Board Member, Laurie Holmes, and SOS Illinois Associate Board Member, Sumaya Noush, brought the love of floral arrangement and jewelry making to our Foster Parents and children in foster care through an … Read More »

Women Making History at SOS Illinois

March is Women’s History Month, and at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we are privileged to have such incredible women within our staff that are dedicated to making the lives of foster children better and brighter. Three of our women Foster Parents, in particular, were recently nominated by SOS Illinois staff for the SOS Children’s Villages … Read More »

Spring Inspired Ravioli: Chef Tony Priolo Shares Piccolo Sogno Recipe with SOS Illinois

At SOS Illinois, we cannot wait for special years such as 2019, when the first official day of spring on March 20th shares the same day as National Ravioli Day. You may be asking what does a season of budding flowers, a dumpling-like pasta with a delicious filling, and a nonprofit organization focused on helping … Read More »

SOS Children’s Villages International Celebrates 70 Years of Improving the Lives of Children Across the Globe

March 11th is the 70th day of the year, and at SOS Illinois that gives us cause to bring recognition to an important milestone in the history of our parent organization, SOS Children’s Villages International, which is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. For seven decades, SOS International has provided crucial programs and services for … Read More »

Lend Your Voice this April and May: Become an SOS Illinois Brand Ambassador

Calling all SOS Illinois advocates, corporate partners, donors, volunteers, and friends. Now is your chance to join us in raising awareness as a brand ambassador for our #RaisingSuperheroes campaign, which will run during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April and Foster Care Awareness Month in May. During the next few months, SOS Illinois is turning … Read More »

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: Every Birthday Deserves a Little “Fun”raising

DID YOU KNOW – Every other day of the year, SOS Illinois celebrates a birthday. That means in twelve months the fun totals 183 birthday cakes, 1,250 candles, 2,200 party hats and noise makers, and over 6,500 balloons. With exactly half of the year being spent celebrating the lives of the children in our care, … Read More »

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