Diving Into A New Experience: Summer Camps at Manito-wish YMCA

For all children, especially ours, who many have never experienced the outdoors quite like this, time spent at Manito-wish YMCA is what summer dreams are made of. Riding horseback through the forest, sailing under the blue sky, making a new friend, singing by the campfire, jumping into the refreshing lake, learning how to set up a campsite, paddling a canoe, going out on trail . . . each day is full of new adventures.

Camp programs and traditions are designed to develop character and leadership skills. Many of our children who participate comment on how great the food is and how they did so many things for the first time.  A favorite is the horses.  Additionally, the amazing part about camp is that it is life-changing for our children.

A Lasting Impression on Our Youth

Since 1919, Camp Manito-wish YMCA “has had an incredible opportunity to help youth build character, leadership skills, and confidence.” Their distinct model empowers their campers to learn to make effective individual choices and fosters growth through collaborative efforts. We are fortunate to partner with an organization whose mission blends so well with our own: the desire to build a strong community that will support the children in our care while enabling them to thrive. The lessons and skills our youth are gaining at camp will stay with them throughout their future adventures and beyond.

Thank you to the Jefferson Sportsman Society and Camp Manito-wish YMCA for creating such a lasting impression on the youth in our care!