Every Child Needs a Family

December 10, 2015

mother and child

Family can take many forms and be defined in different ways, but the influence of family on the development of young children cannot be disputed. A recent Annie E. Casey Foundation report called Every Kid Needs a Family speaks to the priceless value of family.

“Every kid needs a family. This, we know. We know it when we look at our own children and think about our dreams for them. We know it in our hearts, in our bones and from our own stories. Whether “family” means a mother and father, a single parent, a beloved aunt or uncle, a grandparent or a caring foster or adoptive family, this bond gives meaning to our successes, cushions our hardships and allows us to be most ourselves.”


As we reflect on the importance of family bonds this month (see our recent newsletter), we’d like to highlight three other great resources we appreciate for their perspectives on and commitment to family.

The Motherlode is a New York Times blog that features the voices of parents who speak about the news and concerns (think education, healthcare, technology, and foster care, just to name a few) that impact the daily and ever-evolving lives of parents and families.

First Focus is an organization that advocates for children and family in public policy. A report from their Big Ideas series called Pioneering Change: Innovative Ideas for Children and Families is a collection of ideas focused on policy changes that would positively impact the family unit as a whole.

The Urban Child Institute is dedicated to nurturing children during the first three years of their lives and beyond. Their website offer a range of articles that span content from the power of play to the effect of positive parenting on the success of a larger community.

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