Foster Care Awareness Month – 30 Ways to Help SOS Illinois

Throughout Foster Care Awareness Month, SOS Illinois is taking several initiatives to share our unique story, and we want your help. One way you can help this month is by tuning in to hear Terri Hemmert interview SOS Illinois CEO Tim McCormick on WXRT.

Feeling inspired by what you heard or see on our site? Here are thirty ways our community supports our work and how you can join in to help further our mission.

30 ways to help SOS Children's Villages Illinois

Top Three Ways to Help

These are the most impactful ways you can help support the children, Foster Parents, and communities SOS Children’s Villages Illinois champions.

Share Our Story: Tell a Friend About SOS Illinois

One of the most important contributions our friends, donors, and all community members can do is spread the word about our work. We need and welcome storytellers.

Whether you simply tell a friend or colleague about us in conversation or share a post on social media, your contribution helps us tell our story and do our very best to improve. Please continue spreading the word and find other storytellers to join you.

Become a Dream Maker

In the spirit of hope, which is so important to our story and the stories of the children and families in our care, we proudly launched a monthly giving program called Dream Makers.

Our Dream Makers remind our children that they are free and encouraged to reach for their dreams. Learn more about their impact, and how you can become an SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Dream Maker today.

Become a Foster Parent

Foster Parents are central to the SOS Illinois model of care and everything we do at the organization. We know that not everyone feels called to this very unique and important role. That makes committing to this career as a vocation one of the most impactful ways to contribute to the mission.

Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois.

Other Wonderful Ways to Pitch in

Whether it’s just simply staying connected or something more specific like hosting or participating in an event, we welcome the contributions of our community.

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