Join SOS Illinois at Symposium on Ethics and Cultural Competency

Please join us at the Training Network Committee of Chicago’s conference on ethics and cultural competency as influencers on service and decision making.

Ethics & Cultural Competency - TNC

Ethics & Cultural Competency: A Framework for Decision Making

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is a proud member of The Training Network Committee of Chicago (TNC), a consortium of 11 organizations serving children and families throughout the state of Illinois. SOS Illinois is honored to co-sponsor the TNC’s 4th annual symposium on Friday, April 14, 2017, on “Ethics & Cultural Competency: Building a Framework for Decision Making.”

This year’s conference will feature a keynote address by Jeff Levy, Co-founder and CEO, Live Oak, Inc., entitled, “What you see isn’t always what you get: Toward Ethical and Culturally Competent Practice When Considering Intersectionality, Multiple Identities, and Insidious Trauma.” Breakout sessions will cover important issues such as understanding racial disparities in the child welfare system, working with urban youth and families, and ethical considerations for creating affirming environments for LGBTQ youth.

View complete program details here.

Building Community with the Training Network Committee of Chicago

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, building supportive and caring communities is tantamount to our mission. Partnering with the Training Network Committee helps us do this. Coming together with the organizations and members of the TNC expands our community beyond our Villages, to include neighborhoods and communities across the state.

This partnership also, very importantly, continues to provide affordable professional development opportunities for our staff. This helps inform the ongoing development of our training plan and curriculum.

Katie Reilly, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois’ Quality Improvement and Training Manager, notes that the conference is important in promoting collaboration and shared learning within the child welfare sector, and helps keep SOS Illinois informed of and accountable to best practice standards.

The conference provides a great opportunity for staff and other professionals across the state to network with one another and learn from subject-matter experts about key ethical and cultural considerations necessary in providing care and services to clients.

Information gleaned from the conference should be used to inform all aspects of organizational decision making, from improving strategies and approaches in parent engagement to interacting positively and effectively in the communities in which we work.

Interested in joining us? Secure your spot today. Register online here.

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