Lend Your Voice this April and May: Become an SOS Illinois Brand Ambassador

Calling all SOS Illinois advocates, corporate partners, donors, volunteers, and friends. Now is your chance to join us in raising awareness as a brand ambassador for our #RaisingSuperheroes campaign, which will run during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April and Foster Care Awareness Month in May.

Raising Superheroes SOS Illinois

During the next few months, SOS Illinois is turning up the volume, adding more voices to the mix, and taking our mission to the streets. We invite you this April and May to join Christian Bale, Adam McKay, Gillian Flynn, and others by lending your voice to the ever-important conversation about foster care. Groups both large and small, as well as individuals can make a huge impact by participating as a brand ambassador and helping raise awareness about the ways SOS Illinois is working to combat child abuse and unite siblings in foster care.

 Raise Awareness: Be a Brand Ambassador for Superheroes

Nurtured by Foster Parents and the resources and support staff in the Villages, the boys and girls in our care accomplish great feats of courage and ambition on a daily basis. Just like superheroes, they are not defined by their past, but look forward their futures and the many possibilities ahead. However, even superheroes need role models, leaders, and advocates. Our extended community is so vital to supporting and fulfilling our mission, which is why we ask you to join us in awareness raising during April and May.

“Each child we serve has the amazing capacity to rise above the toughest of circumstances brought into their life. The smallest accomplishments become momentous occasions and cause for celebration,” said Tim McCormick, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. “By lending your voice, we can create an exponentially larger conversation about the SOS Illinois mission and the work we are doing to reshape what it means to be a child in care.”

You can help us spread the word outside of our Villages and in the larger community. Throughout the next two months, we will be participating in Child Abuse Prevention Month and raising awareness during Foster Care Awareness Month with various Village events and activities. In April and May, important dates include:


  • April 1 – 30: Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • April 1: Beginning of Hands Are for High Fives Campaign
  • April 5: National Wear Blue Day – join us by sporting blue and snapping a photo to share on social media
  • April 10: National Siblings Day – tell us why you think your siblings are super
  • April 28: National Superheroes Day – our superheroes will share their super powers and make gifts for children in need living in the Caribbean, as well as our friends in different SOS Children’s Villages reminding them of their special powers.


  • May 1 – 31: Foster Care Awareness Month
  • May 1: Dining & Conversation – an incredible evening with Luminaries and Celebrity Chefs in support of the children in our care
  • May 6:  – Mother’s Day Makeovers for our Foster Moms
  • May 12: Birth Mother’s Day
  • May 13: Mother’s Day

How You Can Help

This year, help share the SOS Illinois mission with your co-workers, friends, family, and the Chicago community in a number of different ways. Join the conversation to support the superhero children at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois—and all children in foster care. Get your copy of our 2019 Brand Ambassador Tool Kit that includes ten different opportunities to get involved, key dates, and plenty of information to share with your networks. These ten opportunities offer different levels of time commitment, which allows you to support in a way that works with your schedule. After deciding how you would like to help, contact the SOS Illinois Communications Department at communications@sosillinois.org or contact Kristine Kavanagh at (312) 372-8200, ext. 1102.

Brand Ambassador Cover

Let’s raise awareness together about the importance of believing in and #RaisingSuperheroes. With your help, we continue to build the future of foster care. Your support helps the children in our care overcome obstacles and break through barriers. Your voices will educate and amplify the conversation about the ever-changing landscape of foster care. With your help, together, we are breaking new ground.

Downloadable Graphics for Turning Your Facebook Blue

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