May is Foster Care Awareness Month: Be Involved by Being Aware


It takes a rare individual to uproot his or her life in service. That is what our Foster Parents do. They selflessly commit their time and passion to caring for brothers and sisters in need in a full-time and fully-invested way. During Foster Care Awareness Month, we honor our full-time, professional Foster Parents who, for their sacrifice and dedication, deserve recognition and appreciation every day of the year.

What makes their work so important? There are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. The unfortunate reality is that many will be separated from their brothers and sisters. At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois we are committed to offering an alternative that keeps siblings together. Our Foster Parents are key to fulfilling that mission. For that reason they are the beating heart of our organization, on which we rely and profoundly value.

We are not alone in our awe and gratitude. Our Foster Parents guide the youth in their care, encouraging them to dream and consider the possibilities for their futures. That kind of nurturing is something our partners also deeply appreciate.

The need for exceptional Foster Parents is constant. That is why we look to you, our community and extended family. We need your help to connect us with mission- and service-driven individuals: the rare people who are so treasured and needed in continuing our mission to help more children and families in need.

A small but meaningful way to help is to create awareness. That is very much the driving purpose behind Foster Care Awareness Month. Take action and share this post today. By doing so you foster awareness, give gratitude to our dedicated Foster Parents, and support their life-changing impact on youth in need.

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