Our Story of Hope

Our story of hope is made possible and strengthened by our community.

our story of hope

For both those who are close to or are unfamiliar with SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, there is one very important thing to know. We offer an alternative to the traditional model of foster care rooted in four key pillars and a deep, unwavering sense of hope.

That hope is visible in every aspect of our intentional Village communities where we work together to fulfill our mission to provide safe, stable, loving homes for each child.

This daily devotion to ensuring the physical, mental, and emotional well-being and development of our youth is something we gather to celebrate at our annual Evening of Hope. It is an event that brings together the SOS Children’s Villages Illinois community. It is also a celebration of these relationships and bonds with our extended family of supporters and advocates. Most importantly, it is an evening where we convene in recognition of a very special group of people: our youth, the brothers and sisters in our care.

Without the generosity of our corporate partners, sponsors, volunteers, and friends Evening of Hope would not be possible. The telling of our story would also be impossible without our community—who does their selfless part to share it.

As we look toward the coming holiday season, we will remember and count on your strength and storytelling to instill in our youth the importance of gratitude, giving back, and paying hope forward.

Thank you for being a part of and sharing our story of hope for our children, for their continued growth, for their dreams, and for their limitless futures.

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