Showing Love for SOS Illinois

February 23, 2016


This month SOS Illinois was fortunate enough to receive amazing gifts from three corporate partners who each showed love for the brothers and sisters in our care in their own way.


It is always exciting to forge new friendships. We are delighted to have new friends in LifeSource, who chose us as their February charity. LifeSource’s Community Benefit Team held a two-day Valentine’s Day bake sale from February 11 – February 12, 2016, to raise funds for SOS Illinois.

Thank you, LifeSource, for choosing us as your valentine.



Our dear friend and corporate partner Swissôtel also joined in the Valentine’s Day spirit with sweet treats. On February 12, 2016, they prepared and sold beautiful cookies to their colleagues during lunch and dinner hours. All sales from this in-house effort benefit SOS Illinois, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thanks, Swissôtel. Those cookies look delicious!



H&M employees held an internal book, cd, and vinyl drive on February 17 – 18, 2016. Over 250 employees at their Chicago call center made donations. All items were re-sold for a flat fee at their auction event, and any unpurchased books or music will be donated.

We are looking forward to pictures from the auction and donation efforts, and are so grateful for the support.

Thanks for the Love

Thanks to LifeSource, Swissôtel, and H&M for sharing your love and compassion this month with the brothers and sisters of SOS Illinois!

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