SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Celebrates Black History Month

This February our Villages gathered together to observe Black History Month and honor the contributions of significant figures in African American History.

Black History Month at SOS Illinois

In our Villages we prioritize Black History Month as an opportunity for learning and exploration for our children. It is vital to teach them about the accomplishments of prominent African American leaders and figures. It is also crucial to make a connection for our youth in identifying their own dreams and how they might contribute to the world around them with those aspirations.

This year two events were held on our Villages to make these very connections: children, Foster Parents, staff, and volunteers from our Roosevelt Square and Chicago Villages convened at the Chicago Village Community Center and the families and children at our Lockport Village gathered together for their own event.

Honoring Significant Figures in African American History

Both Village events encouraged the children to share their reflections on historical figures in African American history that inspire them.

Lockport Village Black History Month
Honoring the accomplishments of African American leaders and figures at our Lockport Village.

Children at each home in the Lockport Village presented a notable figure and his or her influence in black history. We were also honored to welcome two guest speakers at the Lockport Village event: radio personality Trey White and local business owner Rashun Black. Both gentlemen relayed the importance of education in their journeys and were real-life examples of hard work and success in the local black community.

At the Chicago Village, youth also paid tribute to important black leaders, including Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with presentations to the audience. Some of them also referenced the posters illustrating that figure and displayed at the front of the room.

Black History Month Chicago Village
Children, Foster Parents, staff, and volunteers celebrate Black History Month at our Chicago Village.

Championing SOS Illinois’ Young Dreamers

Another pivotal portion of both programs involved encouraging the children to think about and share their own dreams.

Children were urged to talk about their goals, which ranged from fireman, police officer, mathematician, singer, superhero, and president. One by one, each child who shared his or dream was met with applause and praise. They were also reminded by CEO Tim McCormick and COO Tracy Levine that they are capable of accomplishing and taking ownership of their dreams.

Thanks to all those who made these celebrations possible.

Join us in nurturing the children in our care further toward their aspirations and full potential. Learn more about becoming an SOS Children’s Villages Illinois dream maker.

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