Springing Forward: #OurHopeTheirDreams

March 17, 2016


As the weather warms and the days become longer, we are energized by new opportunities for growth this spring. One of the most exciting opportunities is the chance to tell our story to a wider audience. Through our partnership with Wintrust Financial, the mural you see in this picture captures the city of Chicago through a child’s eyes, full of hope and imagination.

The mural inspired #OurHopeTheirDreams, a social media public awareness campaign that calls attention to the mural as a reflection of the hope that is so essential to our mission. Through that hope, we strive to encourage our children to dream and do what we can to help make their dreams possible.

Now halfway through the #OurHopeTheirDreams campaign, we are happy to report that we’re just a handful of followers away from our goals on Instagram and Twitter. With your help we could meet those goals this week. On Facebook, your efforts have helped us see huge gains, and we move closer to our goal of 1,000 likes, every day.

It’s not too late to continue or start helping, and it’s very simple. Just click one of the social media buttons below and regram, retweet, and reshare our posts. Even if you do this just once, post something to social media today asking five friends to join you in following or liking SOS Illinois. You would be surprised what an impact this will have.

With your support, we will meet our goals and build an important foundation for growing our audience. We have many stories to tell. Just look at some of the exciting developments we’ve seen so far this spring: the Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund offered us a chance to be in the spotlight at a Chicago Blackhawks game, to share and raise awareness about our work; the Emerging Leaders Board held another enriching Educational Incentives event, educating the children at our Chicago Village on an often misunderstood dog breed; and finally, we will be participating in an important symposium and training on youth and mental health, with the Training Network Committee of Chicago.

As storytellers, ambassadors, and advocates, you help us to continue growing. We thank you and count on you to be by our side with each meaningful step forward.

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