The Fabric of Family: Stitched Together with Love

December 14, 2015


Hanging over the fireplace mantel inside the Lockport Village Administrative Office is a quilt made from the artwork of boys and girls who have since grown up and left the Village. The pieces were sewn together by the Lockport Heritage Quilters and hung in 2002.

For over fifteen years, the Lockport Heritage Quilters have quite literally wrapped each child in warmth and love by sewing every boy and girl a quilt, personalized with each child’s name. Moreover, every December, the quilters add to our holiday cheer by making stocking stuffers for everyone at the Village.

Family Quilt

As we celebrate the fabric of family throughout our Villages, we listen to the voices of our children in reminding us, just as the support of the Lockport Heritage Quilters reminds us, how our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joys and sorrows, stitched together with love.

“Everyone needs their family, but your family doesn’t need to be blood.” – Terik, SOS Alumnus

“My brothers and I would do anything for each other.” – Richard, age 13

“I remember the first time I really laughed here. All the worry I had to have for my sister and I vanished.” – Julia, age 17

“My big sister helps me do my best thinking.” – Ciara, age 6

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