Become a Dream Maker


“Through our collective imagination, we have the power to envision and create new opportunities for each child we serve, renewing in them a capacity to dream and maximize their fullest potential.”
-Tim McCormick, CEO, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we are committed to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being by providing safe, stable, loving homes. We also aspire to do more for each child by encouraging every boy and girl to pursue his or her dreams.

We are able to do this in great part because of our Dream Makers, our most passionate and thoughtful supporters. Dream Makers’ automatic monthly gifts provide the sustained resources needed to help the brothers and sisters in our care thrive in three very important areas:

1) Educational development: We are proud to celebrate a 100% graduation rate. With the help of our Dream Makers and corporate partners who support educational initiatives like our College Bound and Beyond program, we ensure that each child matriculates to the next grade level, with the ultimate goal of preparing for college or the workforce.

2) Health and wellness: Dream Makers allow us to teach our youth about eating a healthy diet, learning self-care, and understanding mental and emotional wellness. These habits and lessons arm our children with mindful knowledge that they can carry with them as they develop and grow.

3) Cultural enrichment: We know the importance of exposing our youth to the world around them. Dream Makers make it possible to enrich the lives of the youth on our Villages by offering activities and events that increase awareness of the children’s immediate communities—as well as larger communities beyond their daily interactions. These opportunities often serve as catalysts for learning about career paths and ultimately impact the long-term goals of our youth.

As a Dream Maker, your monthly contribution is the easiest and most efficient way to support SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. Gifts of all sizes make a difference. You can easily start today and change your giving at any time.

Be a champion for our young dreamers.
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