The Crucial Role of the Foster Parent (at SOS Illinois and Beyond) to the Family First Act

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois has a model of care that sets itself apart from all other Chicago foster care agencies because we offer entire communities for our children in foster care rather than just a single home. We believe in developing strong, solid foundations for the children in our care. Our devoted and loving Foster … Read More »

The Origins of Sweetest Day Remind Us to Support Youth in Foster Care

In the Great Lakes Region of the United States, greeting card aisles are lined every October with colorful messages about Sweetest Day – a holiday to show special attention to loved ones, especially your sweetheart. However, did you know that the origins of Sweetest Day tell a different story; a story focused on children facing … Read More »

The Family First Prevention Services Act Follows SOS Illinois’ Model of Care

On February 9th of this year, the Family First Prevention Services Act was put into effect by Congress and signed by the president, changing the future of foster care and shining a light on the incredibly positive effects that organizations like SOS Illinois are having on children in foster care. This blog is the first … Read More »

12 Weeks of Giving: Opportunities for Holiday Gift Donations

With fall days growing crispier in Illinois and the streets lined with colored leaves, we cannot deny that we are getting closer to the holidays. At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, the winter season often inspires our supporters to show generosity to the children in our care through intentional donations to spread holiday cheer in our … Read More »

A Desire for Impact: Celebrating the SOS Illinois Case Managers

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, the success of our community is the result of many hands and much hard work. Our Case Management team provides compassionate support and advocacy for the children in our care as they transition into our Villages, navigate the Illinois court system, and make strides towards permanency with a biological relative … Read More »

SOS Illinois Raises Awareness for the Mental Health of Children in Foster Care

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is raising awareness for mental health October 1st-5th in an effort to ensure children in foster care have the opportunity to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. With teen drug use and suicide rates rapidly climbing, it’s more imperative than ever that our communities unite together in awareness of the mental health … Read More »

SOS Illinois is #IllinoisProud: Harvest Day to Join Illinois’ 200th Birthday Celebration

UPDATE: October 11, 2018: Harvest Day has been rescheduled for October 20, 2018. This date has been updated in the content below. We are grateful for your patience and look forward to sharing the day with you! Please connect with us if you have further questions about the event. At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we complement our … Read More »

SOS Illinois is Granted COA Accreditation Again

After a year of preparation, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois proudly received our COA re-accreditation on June 14th. During the past year, we have been undergoing evaluation and ensuring each of our policies and procedures are up-to-date and being properly utilized. Our COA accreditation is a testament to the fact that we are among those that … Read More »

College Tour Brings Excitement for Children in Foster Care

On August 2nd, ten of our children in foster care from Lockport Village traveled to Eastern Illinois University for a look at the opportunities that attending a four-year college could provide them. It was a wonderful mixture of ages, with some preparing to enter into their sophomore and junior years of high school and others … Read More »

Garden Project 2017 Flashback

  Gardens are truly wondrous and are filled with growing potential, much like the children in our care. A garden may start out small, but with the proper care it has the power to bloom, prosper, and show its beauty and depth to all. In many ways, gardens reflect the potential in all of us … Read More »

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