Services Provided by SOS Illinois

At SOS Illinois, we transform families and lives. Our goal is to provide healing and hope to the children and families that we serve. We accomplish this through our unique foster care model and preventative services.


Sibling Foster Care

In the United States, three of our every four sibling groups are separated in foster care. Larger sibling groups – containing three, four, or more siblings – are more likely to be split into different homes, neighborhoods, or cities. For children entering our Villages, being placed with siblings can enhance their sense of safety and well-being, as well as provide comfort during this time of transition. At SOS Illinois, we work with DCFS to facilitate sibling placements under the care of a professional Foster Parent excited to welcome up to six siblings into their home. Our Village homes are safely placed within a larger community built to provide therapeutic, educational, and developmental support services.

Together with select off-site providers, we work towards a common goal of reaching appropriate developmental milestones, enhancing social skills, and creating a path towards healing. We also go the extra mile academically by assuring that each child’s school is complete with the resources they need to thrive. This can mean more opportunities for challenges in the classroom, tutoring support, or an Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

Fostering Families

Children aren’t the only ones who benefit from SOS Illinois. Our Child Welfare Specialists and supportive team work closely with biological parents and work towards reunification. They do this through comprehensive counseling and training. This close connection strengthens healthy relationships between biological parents and children with a goal to reunite families.

In-Home Family Services

Our In-Home Family Services strengthen families by helping them tackle tough problems and stabilize the home environment. We accomplish this by working closely with families on conflict resolution skills and helping them learn effective parenting styles. We also provide access to support services. This In-Home Family Service can lead to an improved social life for children, better coping skills, and improved academic proficiency.

SOS University

We encourage parents of all kinds to “enroll” in SOS University. Foster Parents and biological parents alike have access to our comprehensive educational program. This program helps parents evaluate their homes and implement effective parenting strategies.

All these services help us to accomplish our ultimate goal of transforming families and lives. If you’d like to learn more about SOS Illinois and our services, please contact us here or visit our Facebook page.