Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What do I need to become a Foster Parent?

  • A vocation for child care and child welfare.
  • A commitment to SOS Children’s Villages Illinois’ (SOSCVI) mission.
  • The skill and ability to care for children with complex behavior.

2. How long should I expect the Foster Parent application process to be?

The process can take a minimum of three months. It is important that the candidate
remain cooperative and committed to completing the process.

3. Where do the children in your care come from?

The children in our care are referred to us from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

4. Can I select the children I want?

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is committed to children regardless of age and ethnicity.
SOSCVI management and our partner, DCFS, selects where the children, aged 0-18, will be placed.

5. How many children will I be required to care for?

Each home is equipped to hold up to six children; SOSCVI Foster Parents should anticipate caring for as many as six children.

6. Can I bring my own children?

SOSCVI will allow one biological or adopted child or grandchild (12 and under) in the home.

7. Will I be able to work outside the home?

In our Villages, our children benefit from at least one full-time Foster Parent who is committed to the care and well-being
of the children and does not have the responsibility of working outside the home.

8. Will my spouse be able to live in the Village with me?

Yes, married couples and domestic partners are welcome as Foster Parents. Your spouse or partner must go through the same
DCFS clearance procedures. In many cases spouses of our Foster Parents also provide support to their partners as Relief Parents.

9. Where are the SOS Villages located in Illinois?

  • 17545 Village Lane, Lockport, Illinois
  • 7600 S. Parnell Ave., Chicago, Illinois
  • 1200 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, Illinois

10. How long of a commitment will I need to make?

We ask Foster Parents to commit to a minimum of three years. This helps create stability in the children’s lives, which is vital
to our model of care.

11. Are there other people/entities with whom I am expected to work?

Yes, Foster Parents are required to work with Village Staff, biological parents, the court system, and schools.

12. What is expected of me?

Foster Parents are expected to participate in Village life and contribute to the well-being of children in their care by working with Village Staff and biological parents, attending trainings as directed, and taking advantage of Village resources.

13. What SOSCVI resources will I be given to help me be a successful Foster Parent?

All full-time SOSCVI Foster Parents receive:

  • Training before and after children are placed with them
  • An annual salary
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Contributions to a pension plan
  • Housing, including utilities
  • Use of an SOS vehicle
  • A household budget for food and other expenses for the children in their home

In addition, our Foster Parents receive eight hours of relief, where children are cared for by an SOSCVI Relief Parent, and have
access to clinicians and case workers to provide them with ongoing support.

14. What are the rewards?

  • Seeing a smile on a child’s face.
  • Helping a child feel a sense of belonging and trust.
  • Making a difference in the life of a child.

15. What if I am unable to commit to a full-time position at this time?

You might consider applying for a position as a Relief Parent. Relief Parents provide on-call relief and assistance to Foster Parents on an as-needed basis, as scheduled by the Village Director. For more information about part-time Relief Parent opportunities, please visit our Careers page.