Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: Every Birthday Deserves a Little “Fun”raising

DID YOU KNOW – Every other day of the year, SOS Illinois celebrates a birthday. That means in twelve months the fun totals 183 birthday cakes, 1,250 candles, 2,200 party hats and noise makers, and over 6,500 balloons. With exactly half of the year being spent celebrating the lives of the children in our care, we invite you to whoop it up on your special day with us too. Now with the help of Facebook, you can mark your birthday with a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, because we believe every birthday deserves a little “fun”raising.

Why Facebook

Well, simply put, Facebook has made it easy to raise money for your favorite charity. We’re inviting you to choose SOS Illinois to benefit from the festive occasion of your turning one year older. Last year alone, Facebook reported over $300 million dollars were raised for nonprofits across the U.S. through its platform. Even better, Facebook donates all proceeds raised directly to the selected charity, without taking any administrative costs. Check out the easy steps to create your fundraiser here!

How Your Birthday Makes an Impact

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois strives to help the children in our care reach their full potential. Even with our successes, there still is more hard work to be done. With the support of our dedicated partners and donors, like you, we are able to continue our commitment to helping children in foster care grow into caring, productive, and self-reliant adults.

At SOS Illinois, philanthropy covers the unmet needs of the children in our care.  Money raised helps support food and clothing costs, educational expenses such as tutoring, and wrap-around services such as therapy and case management services.  As greater numbers of children enter our homes, our surest response is to open our arms and meet their needs in every way we can. It is your donations that make our crucial work possible.

Making Your Non-Profit Donations Go Farther

When you give, you want to ensure your donation is being used wisely. At SOS Illinois, your non-profit donations provide a stable, community environment where the children in our care have a home that is always available with full-time Foster Parents and on-site Child Welfare Specialists. Homes are built for accommodating up to six siblings to prevent separation, and each of the children in our care is provided with mentors, tutors, counseling, recreational activities, cultural enrichment, and so much more.

Our Accreditations

You can have peace of mind knowing that your donation will be used wisely by an organization that has received numerous accreditations, awards, and honors. Below is a list of independent organizations that focus solely on the evaluation of charities through accreditations and awards to ensure they uphold programmatic and fiscal responsibility. We are providing these ratings so that you as an investor of SOS Illinois feel you are making an informed decision to whom you are donating money.

In 2018, we successfully achieved reaccreditation from The Council on Accreditation (COA), which is a national review process that occurs every four years. COA reviewed SOS Illinois for 12 overarching standards, which was broken down into nearly 500 specific practice standards over every part of the organization to ensure appropriate and proper policies and practices are in place and that they are monitored and evaluated and support the overall quality of service delivery.

Our files were studied by two independent reviewers based. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is extremely proud to continue its tradition of excellence and accreditation in best practice. 100% of the indicators were rated as full or substantial implementation.

GuideStar and Charity Navigator

In 2018, SOS Illinois was upgraded from GuideStar’s Gold Rating to its highest award, Platinum Seal of Transparency, and continues to be given a Three-Star rating on Charity navigator, all indicating we are a fiscally responsible organization offering transparency on the use of our funds.

Chicago Magazine

In 2012, SOS Illinois was recognized by Chicago Magazine as one of fifteen charities in the City of Chicago to be awarded “The Gold Standard.” Additionally, we were named by Chicago Magazine in their Nov. 2015 issue as one of “Twenty Top Charities in Chicago.”

Get Your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser Started Today

To celebrate your birthday with SOS Illinoi and the children in our care, check out this helpful resource guide to launching a successful Facebook Birthday Fundraiser here and start raising the “fun.”