How Non-Profit Donations Benefit You, The Donor

Non-profit donations provide benefits to more than just the recipients. This list shows the ways your foster care donations benefit you as the donor.

Your non-profit donations for children in foster care certainly aid in the pursuit of providing better lives for our youth, but did you know that these donations don’t just benefit foster care agencies in Illinois?

They also benefit you, the donor.

Your charitable gifts are able to make an impact in not only the lives of the foster children you support but in your life as well, and we’ve compiled a list of ways your non-profit donations can give back to you.

1. Tax Benefits of Non-Profit Donations

While this may not be new information for you, it’s important to understand the multiple tax benefits than can come from your non-profit donations to children in foster care. Often times, donors are unaware of the numerous ways their charitable contributions can be used as deductions in order to reap the tax benefits.

Consider this when taking advantage of the tax benefits of non-profit donations:

Maintain documentation

Acquire and keep all receipts in regards to your charitable contributions. These receipts must also be thoroughly documented as to what was given.

Take advantage of IRA charitable rollover

If you’re 70 ½ or older, you can donate up to $100,000 to non-profit organizations directly from your IRA, and your donations won’t be counted as taxable income.

See the full list of tax benefits and rules for deducting your non-profit donations.

Concerned about the effects of the new tax laws in regards to your foster care donations? Read how you can still qualify for a tax break with the new tax laws coming into effect.

2. Life-long Impacts of Foster Care Donations

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we’re committed to helping our children reach their full potential. Your foster care donation can leave you knowing you’re changing lives of children in foster care on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

As a Dream Maker, you have the opportunity to be one of our most passionate and thoughtful supporters by providing automatic monthly gifts that enable us to sustain the resources we need so that we may provide the children in our care with what they need to thrive.

Dream Makers along with corporate partners allow opportunities like our College Bound and Beyond Program where we:

Prepare children in foster care for college

SOS Illinois has a 100% high school graduation rate. Through this program, our children are prepared through curricula and test preparation with the goal of entering college.

Support our young adults after college

We provide educational and training services to help our young adults enter the workforce and pursue their dreams as self-reliant, caring, and productive individuals.

Benefit from the life-long, positive impacts for children in foster care. Become a Dream Maker today.

3. Non-Profit Donation Benefits That Lighten Your Load

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and what better time is there than while you’re cleaning house to repurpose your unwanted belongings to better the lives of our struggling youth? Support foster children by simply donating the gently used items you no longer need or want.

Our Preventative Services location at Casa Tepeyac is more than happy to accept your spring cleaning donations to distribute to the families they serve in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago. Items great for repurposing through donations to support children in foster care include:

  • Summer clothes
  • Kitchen items
  • Computer equipment

To find out what Casa Tepeyac is in great need of currently, give us a call at 773-247-7725.

For more ways to give and provide a brighter future for children in foster care, check out our giving page.

There are so many more ways that non-profit donations benefit you, the donor. We at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois are thankful for each of our loving donors, partners, and Dream Makers.

Together, we’re creating lives full of possibility and futures that are turning dreams into reality.