Our Super-Communities Spread Foster Care Awareness

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and SOS Illinois and our super-communities welcome you to join us in spreading foster care awareness.

foster care awareness month

What is Foster Care Awareness Month?

The first National Foster Care Month was declared by Presidential proclamation in 1988. Since then, Foster Care Awareness Month falls each year in May. Throughout the month the focus is on engaging community members throughout the nation to stand in support of foster families, kinship caregivers, child welfare professionals, and others who help children in foster care.

Each year the Children’s Bureau presents a wealth of material and suggestions for taking part in spreading foster care awareness. Whether that means incorporating some of these resources for local efforts or by simply participating on social media, there are various opportunities for engaging in this campaign for every individual, family, or group. Learn more about the history of the awareness campaign and explore ways to get involved in the national conversation here.

Join our Community During Foster Care Awareness Month

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, Foster Care Awareness Month is a very meaningful time for our community. Our community includes the four Chicagoland sites we operate, but more importantly, it extends beyond our premises to include each of the neighborhoods we have the privilege of serving and working with.

Each community member and all of our partners, donors, volunteers, and neighborhood friends comprise our collective Village. With the help of these super-communities and the dedication of our full-time, professional Foster Parents, we can do our best to support the children in our care, all superheroes in their own right. Anything we can do to support their growth and potential is always enhanced by our communities and the local heroes who lead by example.

Be a Voice for Children and Caregivers in Foster Care

Throughout the month of May, we welcome you to join our super-communities and do something very important: spread the word about our mission, our superheroes, and our Foster Parents.

That means making sure you’re connected with us on social media and sharing our messages throughout May. It’s a simple act, but an impactful one.

We look forward to showing you our super-communities in action throughout the month, and welcoming new friends and storytellers.

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