Casa Tepeyac Teaches Prevention and Strengthens Community

Casa Tepeyac is a treasured part of the SOS Illinois community, supporting the youth and families of the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago.

Casa Tepeyac Wear Blue Day
Casa Tepeyac staff wearing blue for prevention and spreading awareness throughout Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Building and Supporting Super Communities

During Child Abuse Prevention Month we spread awareness about what each and every one of us can do to support and protect all children. At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we reflect on the work we do to protect and guide each child in our care. All those involved both within and outside our Villages contribute to raising superheroes and building what we consider to be super-communities.

Our super-community extends beyond our sites to include each of the Chicagoland communities we work with. That includes the neighborhoods surrounding each of our three Villages and our fourth site, Casa Tepeyac, a facility that offers preventative and in-home services in the Back of the Yards of Chicago.

Casa in the Community

Casa Tepeyac is a valued part of our larger Village. The dedicated team works to teach prevention in the home, ensure the well-being and safety of children, as well as guide youth and families in strengthening their bonds.

We see this in action through offerings such as: a lecture series, in collaboration with other local organizations, focused on reducing stigma around mental health; weekly on-site parenting workshops built to encourage parents to help each other learn and process various topics; as well as the work Casa Tepeyac does to provide individualized intervention for youth coming out of the juvenile justice system—helping them become accountable citizens by meeting needs such as getting a driver’s license, medical coverage, or assisting with school registration or acquiring employment. Additionally, these intervention services support families to help all parties adjust as youth re-enter home environments and stabilize placement to reduce the risk of recidivism.

Another impactful part of Casa Tepeyac’s work is the community donation room at the facility. Weekly donations help support at least five to eight community members each week. Welcomed drop-off donations include clothes for all ages and sizes (including business attire and children’s summer clothes, and coats), home goods, bedding, as well as special items like strollers. For information on donating items (drop-offs only) to Casa Tepeyac’s community donation room, contact Casa Tepeyac at 773-247-7725.

Learn more about the amazing staff and work of Casa Tepeyac here.

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