#RaisingSuperheroes: Supporting Strength of Children in Foster Care

Make an impact. Champion the strength and bright futures of children in foster care by spreading the word with SOS Illinois’ #RaisingSuperheroes campaign.

Raising Superheroes SOS Illinois

What #RaisingSuperheroes Means to SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, our mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their own futures, and share in the development of their communities. At the very heart of our model of care is a focus on keeping brothers and sisters in foster care together. To help them continue growing as a family, sibling groups are cared for by a full-time, professionally trained Foster Parent in a single-family home in our Villages.

The reality is that many of the children who come to SOS Illinois have faced unimaginable hardships in their young lives, including separation from siblings. What we strive to provide is an important sense of family, safety, and every opportunity for healing and growth.

Some might consider their circumstances insurmountable, but we have the privilege to encourage and witness the children’s strength and optimism. Nurtured by Foster Parents and the resources and support staff in the Villages, the boys and girls in our care accomplish great feats of courage and ambition on a daily basis. Instead of being defined by their past, they look toward their futures and the many possibilities.

This is why we consider each child to be a young superhero in his or her own way. Even heroes cannot stand completely alone, however, which is why we want to tell the world about the importance of advocating for and championing the power and bravery of children in foster care.

Raise Awareness: Be an Advocate for Children in Foster Care

Community is so vital to supporting and fulfilling our mission, which is why we ask you to join us as storytellers and advocates.

You can help us spread the word outside of our Villages and in the larger community. Throughout April we will be participating in Child Abuse Prevention Month and raising awareness during Foster Care Awareness Month in May with various Village events and activities. In April that includes important dates like:

  • April 2: Children’s Book Day
  • April 7: World Health Day
  • April 10: National Siblings Day
  • April 27: Tell a Story Day
  • April 28: National Superheroes Day

How can you help? Help share our mission with your friends and family on social media. Join in the conversation to support the superhero children at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois—and all children in foster care—with a simple like, follow, retweet, or share. By doing so you will honor the children’s strength and show your support for the work we do to build opportunities and bright futures for them.

It’s simple: follow and like us on social media, stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, share our posts, and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to join you. Get your copy of the campaign kit with key dates, key messaging, and plenty of information to share with your networks.

Let’s raise awareness together about the importance of believing in and #RaisingSuperheroes.

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