Welcoming Fall with Swissôtel Chicago

At our annual Harvest Festival, we officially welcomed fall with our partner Swissôtel Chicago.

SOS Children's Villages Illinois Chicago Village garden

Each autumn we harvest produce from our Chicago Village garden. It is an annual tradition that families, children, and staff anticipate. It is a way to officially welcome the start of the fall season and enjoy the fruits of hard work in the garden throughout the spring and summer.

This year the ritual was made even richer and more memorable by the participation of our corporate partner Swissôtel Chicago. On a lovely, fall day at the beginning of October, families from our Chicago and Roosevelt Square Villages were joined by over a dozen Swissôtel Chicago employees who volunteered their time to celebrate the garden harvest at our Chicago Village.

Harvest Festival with Swissotel Chicago

Children exercised their creativity by making scarecrows, painting bird houses, and tying ribbons on the wish tree. They also made beautiful grapevine wreaths, planted spider plants, and made natural household cleaners.

One special event of the day included an opportunity to learn about the grow towers that were given to SOS Illinois by Swissôtel and the incredible compost bin custom built by our amazing partners.

Harvest Festival with Swissotel Chicago
As for sampling the harvested produce, all in attendance enjoyed dishes featuring vegetables from the garden made by our Foster Parents, accompanied by delicious fruit-infused water, courtesy of Swissôtel Chicago staff.

Harvest Festival with Swissotel Chicago

Our friends at Swissôtel Chicago have been active in our garden throughout the year. We are grateful for their knowledge and supporting us in teaching our children about the garden as a great resource for healthy eating and living. These are lessons we hope they will carry with them long into adulthood.

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